Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cool Wedding Additions #1 - Photo Booth

There are many things that can make your special day that much more special for your guests. People go to tons of weddings and sometimes it's nice to make things a little different and fun and to really make your wedding stand out.

The special, fun thing I'd like to talk about today is the photo booth. They are so simple and they seem to be becoming a bigger and bigger trend. Not only do they give your guests something fun to do but they give them a special memory to bring home with them - the photos they take.

Lots of photo booths can be set up by the photographer you choose but you can also rent them from places like Photo Booth Rentals of Winnipeg.  And of course, no photo booth is complete without a whole stack of funny props and items to make the photos fun!

Some suggested items:

- feather boa
- humorously large sunglasses
- assorted funny hats
- stunna shades
- plastic props
- crowns
- moustaches or lips (put these on a stick so they can easily be used a bunch of times)
- wigs
- picture frames (to hold up around the faces)
- chalkboards (that can be erased in between guests)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Royal Wedding 2011

As the year comes to a close, I'd like to take a look now at one of the biggest weddings of the year, or possibly of our generation. That's right, I'm talking about the royal wedding. The world and especially Canada was so excited to hear the news that William and Kate were finally getting married. I don't know about you guys, but I got up around 4a.m. to watch the wedding unfold. I can honestly say I didn't make it through the whole thing (fell asleep on the couch) but I enjoyed every minute of what I did see.

Now because we're a flower shop, I would love to take a moment to talk about the flowers. Not surprisingly, they were very traditional. It was a royal wedding after all! Kate is beautiful and her understated flowers didn't outshine her in the least. Her small bouquet was made almost entirely of lilies of the valley, which is a flower we don't often use here.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from The Floral Fixx

Hey blog readers!

I'd like to take this time now that it's almost Christmas to thank each and every one of you for continuing to support the shop. We are doing what we love here at The Floral Fixx and we wouldn't be able to do it if it weren't for you. 

So, I'd like to share some photos with you from around the shop this Christmas. We are such a tight knit group here and we always have so much fun together but around the holidays, us girls always bond that much more. We'd like to share some of that fun with you guys!

This one Nicola was working on...not quite finished

This one's ready to pick up from the cooler if you need a last minute Christmas arrangement or table centre!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Years Eve weddings

I'd like to take some time now to talk about the New Years Eve wedding. I know lots of people who hate them and an equal amount who love them and I suppose there are pros and cons to New Years Eve weddings. Let's take a minute to look at that list:

New years plans are sometimes hard to come by. You don't know what your friends want to do and someone has to coordinate so that everyone ends up at the same place. A New Years wedding solves this problem. All your friends will plan to go to your wedding probably a year in advance and they'll all be with you celebrating at a fantastic party that you paid for essentially. They'll love it.

You are "deciding" what your friends are doing on New Years sometimes over a year in advance. Maybe they wanted to do something else?

Not very many weddings happen in the winter so your wedding will be refreshing instead of just another wedding they have to go to in the summer.

Vendors could be double, sometimes triple the price because all the staff has to work on New Years Eve.

The countdown is romantic and fun! It's something different than people are used to seeing/doing at a wedding.

It's cold! At least in Winnipeg, that is. It can be painful to wear that slinky, sparkly dress when it's -40.

All-in-all, it comes down to personal choice. If people love you, they'll love your wedding too and they'll be happy to share your special day with you.

I'm going to a New Years wedding this year and I couldn't be happier. I just love not having the stress of trying to coordinate with friends and decide what we want to do. Then, collecting money, buying tickets, deciding where to have a pre-party and how to get to and from wherever we're going - just too stressful for my taste.

Here are some photos from an amazing, glamorous New Years Eve wedding we did a couple of years ago - Cindy and Tom. Thanks to Jeremy Hiebert for the photos.

Perfect New Years Eve look. Cindy looks so glamorous!

Classic rose bouquet with a few little twists.

The happy couple at midnight!

Friday, December 16, 2011

More of our Beautiful Brides

I know I've been doing a lot of posts like this but we just heard from a bunch of photographers and we're eager to share the photos of the work we did this past summer. And let's face it, who doesn't love looking at fantastic wedding photos? We really want to show you guys what we can do! These ones are curtsey of Pink Elephant Photography.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trash the dress: Good or bad idea?

If you haven't heard of "trash the dress", basically it's a photoshoot (done with your husband or without) after the wedding, where the photographer takes photos of you galavanting on a beach (they're usually on a beach) or in some other setting where your dress basically gets ruined. Hence the name, "trash the dress".

I have mixed feelings on this and as a bride, there are lots of things to consider before you decide to trash your dress.

On the one hand, you'll never wear it again. Why not get some beautiful and unique pictures after the wedding? In fact, this may just give you another chance to wear the dress when you otherwise wouldn't. If there was anything "missing" from your wedding photos, a trash the dress session would be a chance to recreate a pose you wish you had taken. Stress can definitely show on your face and if you were stressed (like many brides can be on their wedding day), this could be a chance for you to have a do-over.

On the other hand, you spent so long picking out the perfect dress! Not to mention the money you spent on it. Wouldn't it be a shame to just ruin it? You might want to keep it forever and who knows? Maybe if you have a daughter, she'd want to wear it some day (with alterations of course). Or, you could help someone out by donating the dress.

Here are some examples of "trash the dress" photos:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Rachel and Mike's wedding

It's photo-sharing time!

There's nothing we love more than to see our floral creations come to life on a beautiful bride's wedding day and Rachel was no different. Thanks to photographer, Jodi Klassen for these photos from Rachel and Mike's summer wedding.

Such a classic looking bouquet. You can't go wrong with whites and greens (plus, all-white weddings are so in right now!)

Simple hydrangea in a cube. 

Bridesmaid bouquet.

Lovely photo of the rings nestled in with the flowers.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scot and Victoria's Wedding

Thanks to Deondra Twerdun for the getting us the photos of Scot and Victoria's wedding. We love to see how the day turned out for the special couples we work with. Plus, it's so nice to reminisce about what a beautiful summer we had when it's so cold outside! 

The blue roses look so vibrant against the white of Victoria's dress.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Interesting Wedding Cakes

Nowadays, there are so many options when it comes to the sweet dessert your guests will receive at your wedding. People give out cookies as favours, they have a candy bar and who can forget the infamous cupcake. But, wedding cakes are still a simple and beautiful way to wow your guests. There are so many different ways to customize and express yourself through the artistic nature of your cake.

The Corpse Bride themed wedding cake. Could be neat for a Halloween wedding!

This one incorporates retro rock candy on each of the layers.

This is from a wedding we did actually - there are flowers in between the layers to make them look like they're toppling over.

This cake is covered in white chocolate cigarettes. Yummy and neat-looking!

I just wanted to post this one because it's so cold outside and I thought it looked so lovely and summery!