Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outdoor wedding ceremony set-up

Outdoor weddings are so beautiful. As long as the weather cooperates, being outside is wonderful for a wedding. Below are an example of how we decorated the ceremony area for an outdoor wedding. Remember, all of the arrangements and pew bows can be transferred from the ceremony and incorporated into the reception decorations so you get to enjoy them for the entire night, not just for less than an hour. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feature bloom: Billy Balls

If you're not a florist, the title of this blog post might throw you off a little bit. But don't worry, billy balls are a real flower. They come from the same family as a daisy but they don't really look like a typical flower would.

Their scientific name is actually Craspedia and they can also be called billy buttons. They come in a beautiful, vibrant yellow colour and they are wonderful on their own or as an accent to other flowers. Great as an accent or even featured on their own, billy balls are popping up more and more lately. Here are some examples of some beautiful bouquets, boutonni√®res and other ways to use them.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Green Wedding

No, I’m not talking about a St. Patrick’s Day theme for your big day. I’m talking about a few things you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint. Many people are living the eco-chic lifestyle and if you are conscious of the environment, here are a few tips to help reduce, reuse and recycle on your big day.
Save the trees – When you’re looking into getting your invitations printed, look for somewhere that will print on recycled paper. Or better yet, skip the paper all together and send an email out to your guests. There are amazing programs and designers out there that can make you a beautiful, customized e-invitation.

Green dress – Your wedding dress is something you’ll wear once. And every bride before you has worn hers once. Consider going with a vintage or only-worn-once dress. There are plenty of women out there who aren’t looking to hold on to their dress and with the power of the Internet, you might find your perfect designer dress for a lot cheaper than you would pay if it was brand new. And let’s face it, a dress that was worn once for eight hours can hardly be considered “used”.
Organic/seasonal menu – When planning your menu, choose organic and local ingredients. Not only do they save the environment, support your local economy and farmers, but they taste better! Vegetables, meat and fruit grown in your backyard is way fresher than something that’s traveled a million miles on a truck.
Eco-friendly wedding favours – Instead of the traditional mints in a net bag, try giving your guests something that will help the environment. A little tree growing kit or a customized seed packet is not only eco-friendly but fun, original and fairly gender neutral.

Green transportation – Instead of a limo, consider renting a horse-drawn carriage for your transportation. There won’t be any pollution and it’s lovely and romantic. Or, rent a hybrid vehicle for you and your wedding party. Encourage your guests to carpool or rent a shuttle bus for your guests to use.
Green blooms – There are plenty of locally grown, in season flowers that we can help you pick out for your bouquet. Garden-style is becoming more and more popular for wedding flowers and at The Floral Fixx, we can help you pick your perfect “green” bouquet because we know exactly when flowers are in season and where they come from.

We all have to do our part to keep the planet green for our future generations.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Perfect Stagette

Your stagette is really your last hoorah. You and everyone else are thrilled you're getting married but the stagette is one of those super-fun traditions that almost every bride appreciates. I mean, who doesn't want to get together and have a great time with their girlfriends?

Traditionally, the bride's friends would dress her up in some ridiculous costume and she would have to parade around the bar, dance with random guys and drink from penis straws. But, the "rules" for stagettes aren't as rigid anymore. Here are some tips to help make your stagette the best time it can be:

1. Make sure the girls who are planning it know what you want (and more importantly, what you don't want). You're planning the wedding but most likely, your bridal party is planning the stagette. Make sure they know if you don't want any male genitalia paraphernalia or if you don't want a stripper.

2. Consider your and your bridal parties' budget. Not everyone has the money to go to Vegas for the weekend. You can have just as much fun on a night out in Winnipeg and you won't have to break the bank. You want all your girlfriends to be there. Is it worth going out of town knowing some of them won't be able to come?

3. Roll with the punches. You're the bride. Your friends want to have fun. If they ask you to do something weird or embarrassing, just finish your drink and go with it. You'll have more fun if you just go with the flow. It's your special day and remember, you'll get your chance to embarrass them too!

4. Don't worry about what your fiance is doing. If the stag happens to be the same night, just have a good time and don't worry about whether or not the guys are at a strip club. This is your night. Just focus on having your own fun!

5. If you're looking for something fun, look no further than The Floral Fixx. We make these one-of-a-kind condom corsages that you and your bridal party can wear on the big night!